Case Study: Operation Allied Welcome (OAW) Humanitarian Aid for Afghan Refugees

How Wellhart Was Able to Deploy Healthcare Providers at a Moments Notice to Treat Refugees from Afghanistan

In 2021, Wellhart partnered with two clients in immediate need of locum tenens providers to evaluate and treat an influx of Afghan refugees during the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan. Multiple locations were opening within a short timespan, and our Health & Security Service and Emergency Response clients needed immediate deployment to fill their open slots.

Over a period of 6 months Wellhart was able to successfully and continually staff openings with Doctors, Nurses, Hospitalists, Pediatricians, Primary Care, and OB/GYN healthcare professionals as a result of our strong relationships with our providers, and ability to make adjustments as needed between locations. Wellhart’s providers were assigned to treat pregnant patients, test & treat Covid positive patients, perform primary care and pediatric consults, and initial medical exams as well as immunizations in order to aid the refugees’ resettlement into their new communities.

Wellhart's Responsibilities

  • Identifying providers for each position
  • Providing reference checks
  • Assigning and scheduling the requested number of medical providers
  • Managing background checks as required by the client
  • Booking all travel for providers (flights, hotels and rental cars)
  • Processing time sheets, expenses and timely payment to independent contractor providers
  • Obtaining increased insurance limits
  • Managing extensions & assignments of providers
  • Site visits periodically to engage and measure client (and all participating constituents) satisfaction and evolving needs
  • Daily/weekly contact with the client and providers
  • Rightsizing, re-staffing and demobilizing on command
  • Responding to the needs of the client 24/7
  • Immediate plan pivots at the request of the prime contractor

Wellhart Success Metrics and Deliverables

  • Project/client need period (October 2021 – March 2022)
  • Total Provider Assigned: 120
  • Total Shifts: 3,500+

Wellhart is also currently staffing several alternative care (ACS) sites due to the COVID surge.

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