New Emergency Response Project(s)

In Partnership With FEMA

Fires continue to devastate and displace residents throughout Louisiana. In partnership with FEMA, Wellhart is mobilizing a team of nurses, Rad Techs, Social Workers, Physicians, and NPs who are interested in helping provide care to special needs who have been displaced who are not able to stay at traditional emergency shelters.

As with any emergency response project, we truly hope that our services are not needed. If our services are needed, our teams will be in touch with more details about hours, travel, and pay rates.

The outpouring of concern and willingness to help is truly amazing thus far. If you are interested in learning more about this project, please visit our Google forms and fill out your information. This will help us build a list to contact when we learn more about the need.

Are you an RN, RadTech, or Social Worker? Please use the clinician form.

Are you a Physician or Nurse Practitioner? Please use the Physician and NP form..

Please note that Wellhart is keeping a close eye on the hurricane approaching Florida.