Become a Locum Tenens Provider

See New Places. Meet New People. Make a Difference.

There’s a healthcare staffing shortage in America—according to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), the country is projected to face a physician shortage of up to 124,000 providers by 2034. As a result of this shortage, commercial medical facilities and the government are increasingly relying on locum tenens providers to fill the need. But it’s not just doctors taking on locum tenens work, in fact, CRNAs, hospitalists, emergency medicine professionals, anesthesiology providers, radiology specialists, and countless other medical providers are also in high-demand at facilities facing staffing issues.

Life as a locum tenens provider, is one of travel and adventure: you’ll live in new places for short periods of time, pick your own schedule, care for patients who need your skills, and potentially make more money than your permanent counterparts.

At Wellhart, we partner with commercial medical facilities like hospitals and clinics; as well as local, state, and federal governments, to provide skilled and experienced locum tenens providers for temporary assignments. Read on to learn more about what locum tenens is, the benefits of working as a locum provider, and the provider types we work with most.

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that translates to “holding ones place.” In the context of healthcare staffing, however, locum tenens is when medical providers and physicians temporarily take on another provider’s position or occupy vacant ones. By hiring a locum tenens provider, medical facilities can ensure they have adequate staff until a permanent replacement is hired.

Why Become a Locum Tenens Provider?

Whether you’re a new graduate just getting started, or a retiree looking to make some extra money, locum tenens provides benefits that appeal to skilled medical professionals of all ages and situations. Becoming a locum tenens provider allows you to:

  • Travel the United States and see new places.
  • Keep your skills sharp, while learning new ones along the way.
  • Set your own schedule.
  • Earn more money than permanent providers.
  • Experience new practice settings.
  • Make a difference in areas that are struggling with healthcare worker shortages.
A medical professional takes a patient's blood pressure

Need to Staff Locum Tenens Providers at Your Facility?

Our Team Will Connect You With Highly-Skilled and Licensed Medical Professionals

Learn more about how we can help you find high-quality locum tenens anesthesiologists, CRNAs, hospitalists, radiologists, and emergency medicine professionals for your facility:

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Anesthesiology professionals, such as anesthesiologists, provide crucial medical care during surgery. Check out our open locum tenens opportunities to get started.

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Emergency Medicine Jobs

If you’re a physician, nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), or other provider specializing in emergency medicine, we have locum tenens jobs for you.

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Hospitalist Jobs

Wellhart has open hospitalist jobs for physicians, NPs, PAs, and other skilled medical professionals.

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Radiology Jobs

Whether you’re a radiologist, a radiologic technician, an MRI tech, or anything in between, we have locum tenens radiology jobs that are right for you.

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