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What is locum tenens? What providers does Wellhart work with? What types of facilities does Wellhart staff? 

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Locum Tenens FAQs

For Providers and Clients

What is locum tenens?

“Locum Tenens” is Latin for “holding one’s place.” In the healthcare industry, a locum tenens provider is a medical professional who temporarily substitutes for a permanent provider. Locum tenens assignments are perfect for medical providers who are looking to travel the country and earn money at the same time. 

What types of providers does Wellhart accept as locums?

Wellhart works with physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), dentists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and CRNAs.

What qualities does Wellhart look for in a locum tenens provider?

To ensure client satisfaction, all Wellhart providers go through an internal vetting process before being presented for an assignment. This includes a comprehensive review of their credentials, references, and background. In addition, our team also evaluates a provider’s interpersonal skills, demeanor, commitment to patient care, self-awareness, and experience in specific healthcare settings.

Why should locums work with Wellhart?

Working with an agency like Wellhart makes the process simple. Locums who partner with Wellhart will be assigned a single point of contact for any questions, requests, or comments that you have. We handle all of the paperwork and other heavy lifting to improve the overall experience for both our providers and clients. All our providers and clients need to do is let us know what they are looking for!

What types of facilities does Wellhart staff?

Wellhart provides temporary staffing for emergency relief government projects and at traditional healthcare facilities across the United States.

How does staffing with Wellhart work?

Wellhart’s staffing process is split into five steps that make it simple for providers and clients alike. First, clients describe the types of medical providers needed and the scope of the project. Then, we review our network of pre-vetted, qualified candidate(s) to identify the right fit for our clients. Once a provider is identified, we coordinate travel, scheduling, credentialing, licensing, mobilization, demobilization, and cover the provider’s malpractice and liability insurance. We also take care of all payroll for our medical providers and handle invoicing for our clients.

What are Wellhart’s staffing specialties?

In addition to staffing traditional healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics, Wellhart is a leader in government, emergency response, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid staffing. 

What is Wellhart’s experience in government staffing?

Wellhart has experience fulfilling local and federal government contracts, or partnering with other businesses to meet their specific needs. We have answered solicitations for state and federal government staffing projects, placing providers at correctional facilities, behavioral health hospitals, long-term COVID-19 testing and vaccination centers, natural disaster and crisis relief clinics, alternate care sites, Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, Veterans’ Affairs (VA) facilities, and Indian Health Services (IHS) facilities. 

What federal and state entities does Wellhart work with?

Wellhart welcomes the opportunity to staff medical providers for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA, the Defense Health Agency (DHA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and all local and state governments!

What emergency response and disaster relief services does Wellhart provide?

Wellhart specializes in emergency response medical staffing utilizing temporary healthcare providers. All team members are expertly trained in rapid response deployment to ensure speed and quality following natural disasters and humanitarian efforts at local, state, and federal levels. Our team also intimately understands the challenging logistics of emergency and disaster response, allowing our teams to navigate complicated schedules, travel logistics, and the timeliness of our client’s staffing needs.

How does Wellhart prepare for humanitarian aid staffing events?

Our team of recruiters have built strong relationships with a network of high quality providers who remain prepared at all times to aid in humanitarian efforts without delay.

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