Radiologist Salary Guide

Do you ever wonder how much do radiologists make? And how does the salary for radiologists compare across states and between perm and temp work? Let’s find out!

Discover our radiologist salary guide to find:

  • Radiologist Salary
  • Radiologist Salary by State
  • How Do Radiologists Salaries Compare Against Other Physician Specialties?
  • How Much Will Radiologists Make in 2024?

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Radiologist Salary FAQs

How Much Do Radiologists Make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual radiologists salary is $329,080 per year in the U.S. That being said, radiologists surveyed by Medscape’s in its 2023 radiologist compensation report say they make a total of $438,000 per year on average.

How Much Do Locum Tenens Radiologists Make?

Locum tenens diagnostic radiologists can make upwards of $330 per hour, and locum tenens interventional radiologists can make $360-$435 per hour, however, there are many factors that impact rates including location, years of experience, and the level of demand.

Making direct salary comparisons between permanent and locum tenens providers can be complicated. While perm radiologists are more likely to be salaried, locum tenens radiologists are independent contractors earning an hourly rate, which can vary based on which assignments they take in a year.

Furthermore, because locum tenens radiologists are paid by the hour, the hours they work are directly reflected in their pay, while a salaried radiologists additional hours may not be reflected in their salary.

Finally, paid time off and insurance may be reflected in the perm radiologists salary structure, but locum tenens providers do have options when it comes to health insurance.

Radiologist Salary by State

While in the most recent state breakdown of radiologist salaries comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  was not able to collect enough data for all 50 states, the top 5 highest paying states for radiologist salary are:

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Montana
  • Nevada

How Do Radiologist Salaries Compare Against Other Physician Specialties?

Radiologists are in the top 10 highest earners in average annual compensation of the 30+ physician specialties surveyed in the Medscape 2023 compensation report. The top five specialties (plastic surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, gastroenterology) all reported annual income of greater than $500,000.

Radiologists were among the few specialties that experienced an increase in annual salary from 2022 to 2023.

How Much Will Radiologists Make in 2024?

Radiologist salaries have been increased over the last several years, with a 38% increase in reported salary since 2015.

In 2023, radiologist salaries increased 10% from the previous year. If radiologist compensation continues to follow this trend, radiologists can expect to make $531,300 in 2024, making this a lucrative specialty.

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